The commercial real estate market of Delhi:

Delhi is not only known for its political and historical capital in India but is also one of the biggest real estate hub of the country. Even though it’s known for residential realty, Delhi’s commercial property is growing at a faster pace. Older sections of Delhi such as Karol Bagh, Connaught place, Chandini Chowk are always the center of the commercial real estate market. 

Delhi is also flourishing as a major real estate market hotspot. Sohna Road, MG Road, and Udyog Vihar are a few of the major hotspots for commercial real estate investment in Delhi.

Commercial property in Dehli can either be in the form of office space, retail spaces, spaces in malls, multiplex, or just a commercial plot to investing. If you are planning to invest in Delhi’s commercial real estate market you will never fail short of options. The commercial real estate sector of Delhi is still going strong. Rental income from commercial real estate investment provides greater returns and has a lot of potentials. Therefore if you wish to invest in commercial real estate then Delhi should definitely be considered. 

Commercial real estate key to success:

Investing in the commercial real estate market has its own benefits which come in the form of attractive leasing rates, good cash flow, and high profits. Delivering maximum return on investment the rental rates for commercial properties are usually calculated as price per square feet. Commercial real estate is beneficial over the residential properties since the lease period is longer. It also gives customers a better net worth. Also, these factors make commercial real estate investment a key to customers’ success.

Rules of commercial real estate investment:

  • Location:

Commercial real estate properties provide returns through rent and capital appreciation. These are the two major factors that are heavily dependent on location. Look for locations where the vacancy is less than 5% which will lead to higher rents and appreciation

  • Quality of the tenant:

A good tenant will significantly increase the value of commercial real estate property. Quality of the tenant plays a major role in the real estate for they pay the rent on time, pay higher deposits, and increase the value of the property.

  • Diversification:

Diversification reduces the risk in the commercial real estate market. If you invest all your investment in one property then its at a higher risk. Investing in multiple properties across the cities will reduce the risk and diversify your portfolio. 

An upcoming trend in real estate in South Delhi due to COVID-19 Pandemic:

Due to the COIVD-19 pandemic, Delhi expects that there will be high demand for super-luxury homes and ample spaces for work from home, recreation, virtual meeting rooms, and many companies are promoting work from home as a standard price.

Positive  takeaways:

Over the past few months, investors have realized that investment in stock markets can have a possible correction of 40 – 50% which means half of the amount invested is gone for a loss. Such kind of losses has never happened in Delhi’s real estate property. Even during the worst times, there can be a minimum loss of 4-5% in the real estate property in Delhi. Therefore real estate investment in  Delhi is so far the best option to earn higher returns.

Bottom line:

The COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us new ways of adjusting to the real estate business. The traditional virtual world is more relevant than ever. Property consultants need to be more alert and creative in reaching out to their clients. From video calls to zoom meetings to live chat, RealtySlice is trying effective ways to make sure the buyers get a good experience of the properties from their homes. 

Buying a property has always been the most significant investment for Indians and the most important decisions ever made. Consulting an expert, in this case, plays a major role. RealtySlice will assist you in selecting the right property which will provide you higher returns with lower risks. 

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