About US

RealtySlice is a crowdfunding real estate platform

We connect investors who want to invest in the property with institutional and quality real estate investments.

We provide analytics, research, and insights to evaluate and buy attractive properties in the real estate industry

What makes us different?

At RealtySlice, we offer due diligence on behalf of our investors and test each agreement with our most conservative financial models which require the unanimous approval of our investment committee.
Each transaction is assessed against few basic criteria and hundreds of data points to ensure that investors only have access to investments that we believe can be considered. In addition, we provide 
investors with the specific attributes of each transaction on our website so that investors wishing to perform their due diligence can easily do so.
For those who want to go beyond equity or bond investment strategies, we offer access to certain commercial real estate contracts.
Our real estate team works directly with our investment committee to analyze every asset in hundreds of data points. We apply the principles of due diligence based on decades of experience in the commercial real estate industry.

Before investing, we visit each property, meet the key players and do our physical, financial and legal due diligence. The result? On average, we only invest in 1 out of 1,000 projects that are proposed to us.

Our Aim

The real estate sector has always been the type of asset that has created the greatest wealth for investors around the world. However, significant capital investments, special investment knowledge, asset management skills and an understanding of market cycles have limited the asset class to institutional investors, individuals with very high net worth, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. Our goal is to democratize real estate investments for ordinary investors by providing institutional quality analysis, asset management and liquidity at much lower investment thresholds.

Explore possibilities beyond equity and bond market

Diversify your portfolio through commercial real estate and generate income